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We create valuable content. We spread the word.

We are a creative all-round PR, Marketing and Event agency with a no-nonsense approach. We work strategically, use the most efficient means and act decisively work to achieve the goals of our customers. From online and to print and from guerrilla promotions to events.
We are flexible and able to switch quickly, see partnerships and create added value

We connect. We make the story effective and ensure that we reach the intended target group to achieve. We make an impact together. With you.

We have been doing this for more than 7 years with lifestyle, health, tech and finance companies industry such as the Amsterdam Light Festival, Lyst, Secret Escapes, Ecodenta, HelloFresh, Brompton and Restaurant Zheng.



In a communication plan we show how we will achieve your goals. Which We appeal to target groups and which communication means and content we use, from documents for internal use to social media, websites and press processes. Also We provide insight into the KPIs that you can expect, how we work and receive you have a detailed schedule. That's how you know exactly where you stand.

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Positioning & Brandbook

We map out the core of your company in a positioning session. Where is your company for? How and what do you want to communicate to the outside world? And maybe the most important thing: how do you distinguish your company from the competition? After the session we make a custom made brandbook, the basis for all communication, internal and external.

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Press Route

We connect your company with the right target groups through press processes. We select promising perspectives for various press segments and create valuable and distinctive content to distribute. This way we boost your awareness business as wide as possible and we make an impact.

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We have a large network and are able to see unique partnerships. New (sparring) partners that add value and ensure growth.

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Blogs, Articles & Ghost Writing

Blogs are the way to share your expertise in the position of your company Increase online search engines and website visitors and social media followers keep up to date. We select based on an analysis and in consultation with you the best topics for blogs and articles, after which we will interview you and write the piece.

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Social Media & Ads

A booming social media channel starts with a good plan. In a social media strategy we show which channels and content you want to target your audience with to achieve. Then you can get started with this yourself or we can do the full take over management. We can also change the range of channels with successful targeting.Boosted by the right people with advertising.

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Websites, SEO & SEA

From optimization to a completely new website with a unique look & feel. We can advise you on how your website can become an (even) bigger success or take everything for you including content creation and writing the web texts. We can also provide support in SEO optimization to improve the findability of the website boost and / or advertise via Google Adwords, so you are always at the top in online search engines.

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We organize events, from A to Z. From thinking along about the concept and the finding the right location to implementation. Congresses, workshops, customer, press or partner events? We've got you covered.

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SEO / Press Release / Articles

In January, the largest international fashion search engine introduced Lyst its Dutch platform. With more than a hundred national and international brands, from the latest collections to iconic items, Lyst is the new one fashion go-to for men and women. The wide range is combined with personalized advice, sale alerts for favorite items and daily price checks. This way, visitors always find the best offer quickly and easily for their new fashion must-haves.

MCPR was used to not only raise awareness of the search engine Increase the Netherlands among Dutch shoppers, but also in the online publications to generate links to the platform to improve findability stimulate. With the introduction as a starting signal, we send monthly we knew about press releases, articles and trend reports for Lyst realize publications and backlinks in the lifestyle, marketing, e-commerce, retail and fashion press including FashionUnited, Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire, NSMBL, Amayzine, Emerce, Marketing Tribune, Style Cowboys, Twinkle Magazine and Business Insider.

Sponsoring / Events

After organizing successful events for international Venture Capitalists, MCPR decided to join forces with Eli van Goudoever to translate into creating a close-knit community of Dutch tech Chief Financial Officers (CFOs). Since this year, 2019, we organize two or three events a year for tech CFOs in the Netherlands to connect. Exchange knowledge and expand the network central.

We have started mapping the organization, the goals and unique aspects in a positioning session and creating a brandbook: the basic document for all communication. Then we created one website where CFOs could get all information about the community and events find. Following these basic communication tools and creating a unique one we could start positioning what the organization was meant for: the organizing events. With unique events with top speakers such as Jan-Peter Balkenende, Eric Smit and the former CFO of Ajax, full The CFO.Community grew this first in terms of networking and socializing year to a close network of CFOs from companies such as ABM Amro, Ernst & Young, TicketSwap, United Wardrobe and Temper.


The Crypto Index Fund was the first Dutch index fund to invest in the blockchain technology. The entrepreneurs behind the fund believe in the potential of blockchain and discovered in 2017 that there is little were opportunities to profit with the right security and storage of this growing technology. They decided to change this themselves and investors a promising investment product through an index fund focused on the long term.

In September 2018, the entrepreneurs came to us after the fund for a provide an introduction to the financial press segment. Given the company already existed for over a year, offered an introduction message about the company few opportunities in the press. We decided to write a vision piece about the developments in blockchain and crypto currencies in 2018 and expectations for the coming year. With this we managed to realize publications in among others Fondsnieuws, Telegraaf, IEX, Business Insider and Financieel Management. The founders of the fund are also regularly guests at the weekly Crypto Update from Telegraaf.

Press Routes

In the summer of 2018, oral care brand Ecodenta made its appearance The Netherlands with the aim of conquering market share between giants such as Oral-B, Sensodyne and Prodent. With a focus on innovation, the brand combines natural, organic herbs with modern science so as to be the most preventively and effectively prevent common mouth problems. With different lines of toothpastes, toothbrushes and mouthwashes Ecodenta something for everyone.

From 2018 we have carried out several pressing processes for Ecodenta: one introduction of the Black Whitening toothpaste, a black toothpaste for white teeth, and from the Organic line containing three vegan toothpastes. We have produced publications in and on Happinez, among others. Bedrock, ELLE, Happy in Shape, Freshhh, VIVA and Women’s Health.

Press Routes / Social Media / Events

In the summer of 2018, the Michelin-starred restaurant made it entrepreneur and chef Han Ji, HanTing, room for a new concept: Restaurant Zheng. This high-end restaurant focuses on the Chinese culture and art, gastronomy, health and innovation. In various "Chapters" offers the restaurant an evening-filling experience with it imperial Zheng banquet, from which the most important officials used to be different regions of China came together as inspiration. Restaurant Zheng brings this tradition to the Netherlands and introduces guests to it four different Chinese areas: Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan and Canton. In Each chapter focuses on one of the regions: from local cooking techniques with matching drinks to gastronomic and cultural aspects such as art and crockery.

Since December 2018 we work for Han Ji with the goal of continuous generate press attention for Restaurant Zheng. We have several Press processes performed with each a unique approach, including the introduction of the restaurant, press invitations, the addition of new ones concepts such as Fastronomy and the Royalties YinYang menu and Han Ji as successful entrepreneur. Hereby we have realized publications in below more the Algemeen Dagblad, ELLE Eten, Esquire, NOUVEAU, Telegraaf, Flair, JFK Magazine, Women’s and Men’s Health, various hotspot sites, hospitality industry magazines and local media.


Since 2016, non-profit VEECEE has been connecting Venture Capitalists from all over the world world during events in Amsterdam, London and Berglijn. Knowledge and fun are central: shedding a professional network and meeting of like-minded people is, according to the organization, the means of passion, knowledge share experiences and create a strong international network of VCs to build.

Since 2016 we organize the VEECEE events in Amsterdam and worries we that the VCs come together four to six times a year on creative and unique locations. We hereby take the organization from A to Z out of your hands, from concept to flawless execution. Among other things, we organized for VEECEE events at Merkspace, rent24, Droog Amsterdam and the W Hotel.


Social Finance NL (SFNL) is a social enterprise specializing in setting up Social Impact Bonds. SFNL connects governments, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists and investors to the most pressing address social issues sustainably and effectively with a result-oriented financing.

For SFNL we started with a positioning session in which we subscribe others know the core and unique points of the company and we will shorten this have described and shaped it powerfully in a brandbook. Thereafter we have created a press kit based on the brandbook with all relevant information background information for journalists: the starting point for the press routes. We have SFNL awareness twice during one year increased in the Dutch financial and news press.

Once for the five year existence of Social Impact Bonds in the Netherlands in which we in addition to it Writing and sending a press release also includes various journalists for it event, and once for the launch of the first Outcomes Fund of the Netherlands in which the working method of a Social Impact Bond and SFNL was engaged as a specialist in this field. This led to publications in, among others, the Financieel Dagblad, Telegraaf, Vakblad Fundraising and various websites in the financial segment

Press Routes

In October 2017, international equity crowdfunding platform Eureeca was launched to the Netherlands. The platform links entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. Where entrepreneurs give Dutch investors the chance to have an optimum to build up a diversified investment portfolio of SMEs the platform the chances of successful financing for entrepreneurs.

For the Dutch launch, co-founder Christopher Thomas knocked on our door with a view to a long-term PR process. We not only provided the introduction, but also searched the press around Dutch entrepreneurs who made use of it platform. We also wrote various hands-on articles focused on entrepreneurs and financiers to raise awareness of Eureeca among both target groups. We have publications with a successful approach realized in, among others, Financieel Dagblad, Telegraaf, De Ondernemer, DutchCowboys, Emerce, Sprout, Investors, Financial Management, Eufin and various websites focused on financing and crowdfunding.


For twenty years, Portland Europe has been the link between IT professionals, so-called Managed Services Providers (MSPs), and providers of IT services. Portland helps and advises MSPs with purchasing software and cloud services in the wide range of tools and manufacturers, and keeps them through workshops and seminars up-to-date about the changing landscape, trends and new technologies, so that they can optimally serve their customers operate.

For several years we have been supporting Portland Europe with workshops and events, whereby we take care of the organization from A to Z. This is how we go under others looking for the perfect location, we arrange the catering, decor and marketing activities and we take care of everything at the event itself goes smoothly.

Social Media / PR

In 2013 the first edition of The Amsterdam Light festival organized. An annual event to visit Amsterdam illuminate during the dark winter months and ensure that Amsterdammers and tourists also after the summer of the Amsterdam canals can enjoy. A Canal Parade was also held: a parade of decorated boats by the canals. MCPR has for the first two festivals done the communication and was responsible for setting up and execution of social media, PR and VIP, press boats.

The challenge of this project was to introduce this new event at both national and international level, with the ultimate goal of generate as many visitors as possible. We succeeded: a successful one social media campaign and generating 600 online and offline publications ensured the first Amsterdam Light Festival by over 330,000 people visited and 100,000 people from the Amsterdam Canal Parade enjoyed it.

Press Routes / Influencer Marketing

HelloFresh is a delivery service for healthy meal boxes. Every week can customers choose a selection of recipes that then along with all required ingredients are delivered to their home. This is how HelloFresh offers a way to eat healthy quickly and easily. The brand was in introduced in several European countries at the same time.

MCPR helped this innovative concept with the Dutch introduction and has all set up and implemented marketing activities. To make Dutch people known with HelloFresh we have, among other things, carried out press processes and made use of them of influencer marketing.

Positioning / PR / Events

The Binckhaven in The Hague is the center of a thriving economy area, the Binckhorst. The area is in full development and offers a lot opportunities to strengthen and broaden the economy of The Hague in the coming years. To making the most of these opportunities, the area is being revived. The The municipality of The Hague encourages the creation of Binckhaven in an Urban Lab: a place for fringes and experimentation where knowledge development and innovations are brought together.

MCPR has taken on the positioning of Binckhaven. By the asking the right questions in a positioning session was, among other things, the mission, vision and unique points of the area. This information is bundled in a brandbook, a document that from that moment as a basis acted for all communication activities. It was the next step set up website / platform and social media channels, to get interested people on to keep abreast of developments in and of the area and around the connect entrepreneurs in a community. We also have various top dialogues and events organized and attracted attention in the press.

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