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Standing out from the Crowd Part I: The Importance of a Brandbook

Standing out from the Crowd Part I: The Importance of a Brandbook

We are flood daily with an overload of information and the competition on the internet is killing. It becomes more and more difficult as a business or a person to define your distinctiveness. Webshops, bloggers, vloggers, influencers; everyone is trying to earn their spot on the internet. A good product is the base, but the experience is crucial. There are numerous providers of the product you offer, so authenticity is extremely important. Indeed, ‘authenticity’, ‘uniqueness’, ‘profiling’: these are the PR- and marketing words that give us the chills. But to be and stay relevant you have to think about your distinctive factor. It is important to make a brandbook. Your brand identity is described in a brand book. Here are the reasons why a brandbook is important:

A strong identity makes the differenceYou may have trouble figuring out what it is that helps you to distinguish, but it is a question of choosing. You have to give the consumer a strong reason to choose for you! In a saturated market you have to know who you are and what you want to carry out. If you cannot decide what makes you or your company special, how can you expect this from your customers? Customers feel connected to a fire through a strong brand identity.

Define your target groupIf you know who your target group is, then you also know how to best achieve it, and which promotion channels you can best use. For example, LinkedIn may not be the best choice for a very young target group. Immerse yourself in your target group and go after; what needs, interests and problems do your target group have? Anticipate and then communicate in the right way.

Look at your competitorsWhat are the distinctive features of your competitors? How can you distinguish yourself from the rest and offer something unique? Your unique selling point can be anything from the best customer service, a particular specialism to the way of working. Often it is useful to make a SWOT analysis, so you quickly get to know your strengths and weaknesses. We also recommend the business model canvas to create a clear image of your business plan.

Be innovative within the industryMany companies or people who want to market themselves more often focus too much on comparable suppliers of their product. The problem? The websites will more or less become all look-a-likes.When a trend is set, it becomes the norm and you will not stand out with similar content. So design your own style that matches the profile you have chosen. It’s good to look at competitors to get inspiration but be unique in the way you market yourself creatively.

MCPR can help your company with a clear positioning. Based on a session in which the mission, vision, ambition, future expectations, why, how, what, tone of voice and brand identity is determined, we make a brandbook. And from this brandbook an entire marketing strategy can be set up.